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Okay. Go out there and get inspired. Write a little clip about lust. Share pictures in the comments. Suggest interesting scenarios to write about. Define it. Describe it. Please, link into the comments anything you write in response to this so that everyone can see what you wrote!

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Free Write 061617

Friday’s Theme: Aggression

Violence is what comes to mind first. All violence is aggression, but not all aggression is violence. Yet, that is where our minds first go to when we consider this word. Violence is the threat of or use of force that is unsanctioned by the culture. Capital punishment is not violence because it is a legal act, but it is aggressive. Aggression can be overt or suppressed. It can be innate or Continue reading “Free Write 061617”

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Look at something on your desk. Describe it, in every little detail. Now, imagine that it had come to life. What kind of personality would it have? What stories would it have to tell? Write out a character sketch for this item.