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The First Line

Story 1

“The only mercy you’ll get is a bullet from my gun,” he said, looming over his target, and aimed his pistol right at a knee cap. “So what’s it gonna be?”

Story 2

Lightning arched between his fingers as the energy crackled in his rising hair, but he paid no heed because before him stood the matriarch.

Story 3

They say that fear is the mind killer, but that’s bullshit because there are things out there that can kill your mind faster and I am looking at one right now.

Story 4

It’s pretty sad when you’ve realized that the one time you actually loved someone was the time you needed to run away and that time to run away was not tomorrow or someday, but today.

Story 5

She showed up at my door an hour late, bright eyed and eager, and it was in this moment I remembered why I didn’t like dealing with the state.

Story 6

“But I want to help you,” the little boy said with a long whine as his older brother walked down the hall in silence.

Story 7

She typed furiously but each letter peeled and floated away from the paper just as fast as the metal struck the ink ribbon.

Story 8

It was just an ordinary day he thought, until the girl with dandelion fluff for hair spilled coffee on his brand new jacket.

Story 9

“I would cry if I actually felt something, but I don’t give a shit. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to find myself something to do that doesn’t waste my time.”

Story 10

“Fuck you and this assignment,” said the student with a scowl, “you have any idea how hard it was to stick to just one sentence with some of these? I purposely failed on some and possibly made run on sentences with others. I hope you’re happy.”



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