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The News 050216

Weasel Apparently Shuts Down World’s Most Powerful Particle Collider



Chuck Slaughter

kill half the kids in the continent

Quotes-23( sorry, got distracted there)

The man I had married was not the man that came back from war

I was so furious and so afraid.

the terror and adrenaline of a life-threatening moment won’t go away

He was shrieking with his eyes open


“I’m absolutely infatuated with the idea of stress in an orchard,”

“I believe stress can help create a super fruit.”



Sireen El Zaatari

they were better at making their environment work for them


Many Grouchy, Error-Prone Workers Just Need More Sleep

Hey! Wake up! Need another cup of coffee?





I am Myself I am a Wife Blessed with love I am a Mother Endowed with divinity Through the power of creation I am a Daughter Brought into this world With unending hope And the promise of the future I am a Sister Made fierce and strong While forged with kindness Protector and protected Spiraling together forever I am a Nurse Holding out the hands of healing And offering the sick comfort And the dying love Knowing that through this All things are healed and made whole I am a Writer Creating myself and world Sharing the inner depths of humanity Bringing together the divine And the humble mortal I tell the story of the Goddess And am remembered forever

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