Posted in 2016, Larger Works, NaNoWriMo


Word spread quickly so that when Gytha lifted Dipak from the car, there was already Fey waiting for her. She cradled him in her arms and walked between them slowly. They reached out their hands and touched him as she passed. They were silent. Gytha’s foot falls were silent. Even the water and the leaves of the the trees had gone still so that they could also be silence. Enaid had drawn up every sound into it self so that it could respect this moment of silence completely.

Once at the Tree of Life, she bowed until her fore head was pressed against the rough, ancient bark. She had not only failed Dipak; she had failed Enaid and this great tree. Now she carried her shame home. Still, there were no tears for her to cry. No wailing caught in her throat. But there was a familiar ember of heat in her bowels. Who ever it was that had dared to snuff the Life Spark would pay a high price. A price higher then death. She would find them.

The trunk of the tree opened and Enaid stood at the entrance.



I am Myself I am a Wife Blessed with love I am a Mother Endowed with divinity Through the power of creation I am a Daughter Brought into this world With unending hope And the promise of the future I am a Sister Made fierce and strong While forged with kindness Protector and protected Spiraling together forever I am a Nurse Holding out the hands of healing And offering the sick comfort And the dying love Knowing that through this All things are healed and made whole I am a Writer Creating myself and world Sharing the inner depths of humanity Bringing together the divine And the humble mortal I tell the story of the Goddess And am remembered forever

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