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Chaos Pen Challenge #1

I technically posted my first “Chaos Pen Challenge” with my short story on my blog here,  but I’ve decided that this blog would be a better place to post my challenge sets. So here is today’s challenge from Seventh Sanctum but I’ve added an additional layer to the exercise. I happen to have a digital Tarot reading program on my computer that allows me to create custom spreads. Using the Tarot is something that I’ve done in the past for writing exercises.

The thing that’s interesting about using Tarot is that each card is an archetype. So when you lay a card down – for whatever purpose – all you’re really doing is looking at a symbolic concept. This makes the Tarot a potentially useful think tank for writers, especially when you start using themed decks. I own this one deck that’s centered entirely around Greek mythology, called The Mythic Tarot, for example. Each suit focuses on one of the epic tales while the major arcana features the pantheon and other major figures. Like the Star card depicts the tale of Pandora for example with Hope being all that’s left in the box. Other decks have different themes but they still tell a story with the images in the cards. So even if you don’t know how to read the cards, they can become powerful picture prompts. One popular deck that has been in publication since 2007 is The Mystic Dreamer and you can still see the original artwork for it by azurylipfe over on DeviantArt.

So without further ado here are the challenges, basic plot themes, and soundtrack for tonight.

Random Writing Challenge

  • During the story, there is a fight.
  • The story must involve a trash can in it.
  • The story ends in a library.
  • The story must have a hermit at the end.

Plot Themes

Selected Play List

Feel free to use some or all as you see fit. I would love to see what you come up with.


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