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Chaos Pen Challenge #2

Random Writing Challenge

  • A character is tense throughout most of the story.
  • During the story, a character breaks something important to them.
  • A character will send a package, but the action is misinterpreted.
  • The story must involve a door at the end.

Plot Themes

Selected Play List

Okay, now I didn’t discuss something I did last time but I will address it here. These cards are listed exactly the way the program set them out. Last time I switched the order of two cards because it made the flow make more sense. Now if you do a reading for personal guidance or for the guidance of someone else DO NOT reorder, flip the cards, or change the spread in the middle of the reading – ever. But here you are asking the cards to guide your psyche to find the story inside you. In this case I think it is okay to reorder the cards, to reverse or upright them, and even add or remove a card to the spread if you feel you need to because here you are a just student finding your way.
So rather than me telling you what my issue with the current spread is and what I intend to do with it, I will let you decide what you think and what you should do. I know what makes sense to me, but I tend to write character driven stories. The spread as it is may very well work for a plot driven story depending on what you want each card to represent. Does it map a character’s development or does it map plot points? Or if you are writing a larger work, does it map the latest string of possibilities? You decide.
Like the last time, use some or all of these as you see fit. I’d love to see what you do with them!


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