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Chaos Pen Challenge #13

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Advice on Adding Layers to Your Story

I think this was an interesting, but brief, article on the art of adding layers to your story. The process should work when adding mystery, suspense, subplots, etc. Overall, the point is that it doesn’t come out of the blue. You need to craft it over time. Sometimes this means with the outline while other times it’s during the revision process. In the end your polished work should be a multi-faceted piece that shines.

How To Write Better Stories: Layering

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Chaos Pen Challenge #6

Figured out how to build my own playlists on YouTube so this should be interesting. This time around I tried to put the music list together based off the keywords from the tarot cards – one song for each keyword. Tell what, that was challenging in itself! So the list might be a little odd and I apologize for that up front. Let me know what you think. Continue reading “Chaos Pen Challenge #6”

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Chaos Pen Challenge #5

Set Up At Least 2 Characters

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