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Snowflake Tears

She stood at the window with her bare arms resting against the sill. The cold air brushed past her in gusts. She watched the swirling snow fall. She was cold, but it didn’t matter. She looked out past the barren trees to the road he used to travel. She knew he wouldn’t be coming back as he had before, but she watched anyway. A part of her waited to see his tall frame pop up over the crest of the hill and then Continue reading “Snowflake Tears”

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Returning Home

The car hummed around her, helping to drown out the thoughts she was trying to ignore. She flipped on the blinker and listened to the quiet clicking. She rubbed her fingers along the steering wheel and sighed. She turned onto the off ramp and followed its bowing line to the empty street. The trees crowded up to the edge of the road and blocked her view of the signs. It didn’t matter though, she knew the way. She Continue reading “Returning Home”