House Keeping

Doing some site house keeping today. Some posts are being moved from one category to another. Some are being broken into 2 posts due to their size. Because of all this activity, you might be getting a little bit spammed by the site today. If so, I apologize. I can’t see any where that the site will let me turn off the notifications for the day so that you won’t be pestered with all this. There was a picture prompt posted prior to all this activity starting.

Happy writing. Let the muse be with you.

Give me links!

If you write anything in response to things that have been posted here, I would love it if you posted a link to your writing in the comments. That would let me and everyone visiting here read what you’ve written. If you share a link I promise that I will read what you wrote and write a comment 🙂 If you are visiting this site and see links to stuff that you’ve used, please visit and comment on their writing too. I’d love to see this little community grow and that can only happen if we are sharing our stuff!