Hope, hate, fear and love,
all wrapped up in you.
No good answers.
No way to know.

Things that cannot
be repaired
cannot heal,
but I can’t stay the same.

I am not who you want me to be.
That person has died.
Don’t ask me to return
to that sad and broken doll.

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Distant Mind;
floating out on the currents.
Dreaming while I wake.
Eyes opened,
but seeing like they’re closed.
Everything passing by;
I don’t notice.

Feathers touching on my skin,
But to me? They are like
cutting knives and make me bleed.
Falling tears and shaking hands.

Who gave you permission?

So far down. Yet, I can go farther still.
Reaching out. No one there.

Breaking dawn.
My little pieces.
Hands against my eyes.
Stuffing it all back in.
Another night.
Another dream.

Who invited you in?

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Don’t tell me,
I just don’t want to know.
You’ve already said it all
with your look
and the distance between us.
Why bother with the words?

Don’t speak.
No good-bye.
Slide away;
a passing shadow,
now gone.

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My Silence

I sit in this crowded room,
in silence,
the sound thunders around me,
but I do not notice,
it is so far away and distant.
further still.
Enclosing around me
the silence presses.
your lips moving,
but no sound comes out.
I struggle to understand you,
but you stop speaking;
frustrated by my confusion.
I want to hear you!
I want to know!
Screaming! Screeching!
I cry it out,
but I can hear almost nothing now.