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Life is a Stage

The Prompt


The rain. The truck. An accident.

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The Law

Where this story took seed: Stolen and LAW

The clippers hummed as they passed over her head. Vacuous cut away all but a trace of stubble, leaving a light haze of brown against her scalp. Turning off the clippers, she set them down and wished that she could wash that color away. It was too rich, too complex. There was red there. No one else had red. Even her eyes were a sin. Pulling down her lower lid, she tipped the contact in to erase the incorrect brown and replace it with the desired grey. At these her Continue reading “The Law”

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Unmade Promises

The Prompt

“Where were you last night?” she whispered as he came into the door.

There was no eye contact between them. Hanging his coat and tapping the snow from his boots, he kept his head hung low. She sagged in the arm chair, her feet folded beneath her. Shadow cast across her face. He couldn’t tell if she was looking at him or not as he crossed the room and left the living room to retreat into the kitchen. A drink was necessary to relieve the desert in his mouth. She always had the power to make him feel guilty. What ever it was, it wasn’t his fault. The soft Continue reading “Unmade Promises”

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The Prompt

The heavy flakes of snow plopped down to the ground and began to melt as soon as they hit. The drive way was quickly turning into mud and I was not looking forward to going anywhere. The sky was smeared ash dripping down to the black line of the horizon. The broken glass of the pond was as drab as the heavens. Everything had lost its color. I felt that my color was following that of the morning’s.