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Beginning a Story!

Write the beginning of a story (no more then 200 words). Post this beginning in the comments section. That beginning is for someone else to use as well as practice in beginning stories.

Now, look through the comments and choose one of the beginnings. Write a story with that beginning.

Be sure to link back to this once you’ve finished your story so that the person who wrote the beginning can read your story. Continue reading “Beginning a Story!”

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Beginning a Story

Hey, I found another one of these! More college memories…

Here are 2 possible beginnings for the same story. One beginning a little later then the other. Try starting a story with one.


We were having breakfast together on a Sunday morning at the end of autumn. I was sitting across the table from him, wondering about all the things that had been happening between us. I couldn’t make myself believe then that we would continue our marriage. I wanted to believe, but couldn’t imagine the solution. So, I got up, with my bowl and went to the sink, trying not to look at him nor think of him, but found myself doing so anyway.

I was standing there, with my bowl, and staring at him, even though I didn’t want to, when he twitched. A funny little movement of eye and lip. Puzzlement painted his face and we both forgot about the recent fights. I stood there, in confusion and waited for him to say something, but he didn’t. Instead, he leaned forward and fell from the chair. I gaped at him, knowing what was happening, but not wanting to believe. I stood watching him twitch, knowing he had hit his head as he fell, knowing I should do something to help. Maybe move the table so his arm would stop banging against the metal leg. But my eyes refused to relay the message. So, I stood, watching his violent convulsions in paradoxical stillness.

Then it was done and he lay motionless with his mouth hanging slack and foam dripping onto the floor, working on making a small sticky puddle. His arm was bleeding and like wise creating a puddle. I stared at the mess and thought how I was going to have to mop the floor.


Then movement came to me in a flaring burst as the fire of fear scorched through me. I was at his side in a minute, my nurse brain finally waking up and taking over. He was breathing, in choking gasps, but regularly and deeply. His pulse was strong and the bleeding had mostly stopped. I jumped up and sprinted to the living room, fumbling at the phone, feeling the nurse receding back as the emotions gushed forward. I dropped the phone and retrieved it twice, then stabbed out 911. I was thankful that someone answered the phone, I couldn’t do this alone.

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Beginning a Story #2

This is an exercise that I did back in college. If this was written on paper, there would be some dust flying right now! But it made me think about how fun doing these were. The idea was that you would write the beginning of a story (up to a paragraph) and then you’d turn it in. Then they’d get all mixed up and passed back out. Your home work was to finish the story. It was weird, but a lot of fun.

These were the 2 beginnings that I passed in for the second assignment. They are 2 possible beginnings for the same story. Anyone want to try finishing one or both of them?  Continue reading “Beginning a Story #2”

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Friday’s Free Write


First. From the start, there was always something that was going on. I could always feel it deep down inside, but it was denied. They never told use the truth. Lies. Always the lies, from the very beginning, from the first of it. I could never trust them. And they always wondered why. First it was Santa. Nope. He wasn’t real. Just a lie. A good excuse to give me an extra present and that was nice, sure. But a lie just the same. But a lie. Why a lie? They could just buy me an extra gift. They felt Continue reading “Friday’s Free Write”

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Starting sentences

Start a story with one of the following lines:

  1. She advised him to come back at once.
  2. Cats are good pets, for they are clean and not noisy.
  3. I love eating toasted cheese and tuna sandwiches.
  4. I think I will buy the red car, or I will lease the blue one.
  5. Hurry!
  6. I plan to spend 2 weeks there next year.
  7. I will never be this young again.
  8. This is a Japanese doll.
  9. The shooter says good bye to his love.
  10. I hear that Nancy is very pretty.
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Pairs of Sentences (Part One)

Birth and Death
Marriage and Divorce
Arriving and Leaving
Full and Empty

Pick one of the pairs above. Write the first and last sentence of a story. Use the first word in the first sentence and the second in the last sentence.

Complete this part before going onto part two (which I will be posting next week). If you’re going to do more then one of the pairs, consider doing 2 ahead of time and then doing the other 2 after having read through the second part of this exercise.

Chaining Sentences

Write the first sentence of a narrative. Any sentence will do. Then take 2 or 3 words from that first sentence and use them again in the second sentence. Take 2 or 3 words from those first 2 sentences and use them in a third sentence. Go on until the story begins to acquire a logic of its own.