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A unicorn, robot and talking hat.

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Picture Exercise

via megarusathings:

Write a character sketch for both the knight and the ogre. Out line a general history as to how these two came to the point they are currently at. Consider first that the ogre is the bad guy. Then consider if the knight is. How does this change the story? What if they are allies? Consider the story from the point of view of the knight and then the ogre.


Write a story about three people who are on a road trip together, only to stop off at a gas station and pick up a fourth person whom they don’t know. Why did they pick this person up? Where are they taking him/her? What happens?


Once she figure out what happened, she kept annoying him about it.

She is an angry mouse. He is an over weight mole. They have been living together for years and haven’t been liking it much.

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The Sort of Person…

Pick a character that you’d like to flesh out. Someone that needs some interesting details. Then complete this sentence 5-10 times or more:

He (or she) is the sort of person who __________________.

Example: He is the sort of person who boasts of wearing human molar for cuff links.

After completing the sentence, consider if the detail it offers is interesting and if it adds depth to the character.