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Picture Exercise

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Write a character sketch for both the knight and the ogre. Out line a general history as to how these two came to the point they are currently at. Consider first that the ogre is the bad guy. Then consider if the knight is. How does this change the story? What if they are allies? Consider the story from the point of view of the knight and then the ogre.

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Objects Have History

Choose an object on your person. Write a short (100 words) description of it. Write this description to someone who can’t see it. Be specific and detailed. Next, connect the object to yourself by writing a short history of the object. Attach emotion to the object.

Chapters of Life

What ‘chapters of your life’ would there be?  Make a list of your life’s chapters.  Choose one.  Write five possible opening sentences to that chapter.  Then write five possible ending sentences to that chapter.

I wrote a response to this prompt years ago and shared it here.

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WNB Theme: Mask


Our true identity is often hidden behind the masks that we wear.

Masks contain complete social schemata. Others look at the mask and understand what it represents and know what mask to wear themselves. Like a formal ball, the masks thus dance with one another with ourselves safely concealed beneath.

Masks thus protect the person and facilitate interaction with others. Different masks are worn in different situations based on who the person wants to be there.

Masks may be provided by others who interpellate people into subject and cultural roles.

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Before It Begins

Objective: To understand how stories and novels – and the characters in those stories and novels – all have a history that affects their forward movement and resolution.

The Exercise:
First, return to a favorite story and make a list of events that occurred before page one. Ask: how do these events affect the story after page one and move the story to resolution? Do this exercise with several stories and novels.
Second, do this with the last story you wrote or the one that you are working on.