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Family Stories

Select a family story that has been told repeatedly.

1. Write down who the “characters” are. Give us a sense of these people by telling us how they are related (friends, brothers, strangers etc.) and interesting details about each (something odd about how they look or a weird habit they have). Continue reading “Family Stories”

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People from the Past

First, think about your childhood between the ages of 6 and 12. Try to recall someone whose memory, even now, has the power to invoke strong, often negative feelings in you. Was that person the class bully, the clown, the daredevil, the town snob, the neighborhood bore, etc.? Write down details of what you remember about this person, how she looked and talked. Did you ever have any encounters with this Continue reading “People from the Past”

Heart on the Page

Write about an early childhood even that made you cry or terrified you, or that made you weak with shame to triumphant with revenge. Take us back to those traumatic times, relive them for us through your story in such a way so as to make your experience ours.

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Free Write 051306

Trees, leaves, bright colors falling around me all in large piles and drifts of broken glittered color that doesn’t gleam the way that it had in the rain last night. Thing past and things that are new, coming together itno the lost piles of the yard. Small flowers forcing their way up into the sunlight. Small new leaves unfolding in light green hues. There are little broken twigs and strange little beetles. Things are Continue reading “Free Write 051306”

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The Beginning of My Memoir?

The beginning years of my life swim in a fog. Looking back, everything sits in a precarious pile of jumbled thoughts. A dark shadow casts itself over my childhood and thus, it is rarely looked upon. Recently, I have been encouraged to think more about those years. With great reluctance, I have done so.

More than anything, I remember my father’s hands. As a child, they seemed huge. It was like they could grasp a hold of anything and wield it with a frighteningly sure strength. Hands calloused and dirty with the hours of labor they engaged during the day. When he spoke, they cut through the air in sharp, quick slices to Continue reading “The Beginning of My Memoir?”

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Returning Home

The car hummed around her, helping to drown out the thoughts she was trying to ignore. She flipped on the blinker and listened to the quiet clicking. She rubbed her fingers along the steering wheel and sighed. She turned onto the off ramp and followed its bowing line to the empty street. The trees crowded up to the edge of the road and blocked her view of the signs. It didn’t matter though, she knew the way. She Continue reading “Returning Home”